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Silvio Scappatici

Beware the Silver: Silvio Scappaticci

Cole Meidt: GB King

Cole Meidt: GB King

Ian Gozdor: Total Attack

Blake in Goal

Blake Nowicki: Lining Up the Save!

Collin K

Colin Garner: LSM on the GB.

Jake Petro

Jake Petro: Looking to Snipe.

Nick Harvath/South Lyon

Nick Harvath: A Factor on Both Ends of the Field

Hunter Sutton

Hunter Sutton: FOGOs Win Games!


Coach DiRado with the D-Unit

Team Total Wins Third at Nationals

Tampa, Florida - For many of the players, coaches and parents, it was the longest two minutes of the three-day National Tournament of Champions.

After 48 minutes of fast-paced, high intensity lacrosse, including digging themselves out of a two goal deficit, Team Total was now hanging onto a one goal lead; and committed to keeping the ball inside the box for the remaining two minutes to win the consolation game and secure third place. The Bay Area Sand Sharks were poised to double team the ball, cause a turnover and get the ball to their offensive end in hopes of tying the game. Both teams were determined to finish strong so it would be a battle of wills and skills to see who would win the last spot on the podium.

"Time OUT!"

Team Total had found themselves in the consolation game after going 3-3 in the round robin portion of the tournament. Two of their three loses were by one goal in games which Total held the lead with only minutes remaining. But simple mistakes and turnovers lead to easy goals and head-shaking loses. 

"The best thing about these 25 minute games is that our players learn a lot. They learn the importance of possession and how costly any mistake can be," said Coach Hicks. "You don't have time to make a comeback. Teams have to come out fast and play with their feet on the gas the whole time. If you slow down out there, there's good chance it might cost you the game."

Total was able to play fast and find their groove after two slow starts. Fast play in the midfield and great goal-tending by both their goalies helped secure the wins they needed to finish 3-3 against some of the top Rising Stars programs in the country. Now, the play-offs began which meant the start of full games with losing teams moving to the losers' bracket with no chance of playing for the championship.

Day 2 was the first of the play-off games and had Team Total playing against the all-stars from Wisconsin. Beating a team once is hard. Beating them twice within 24 hours is even harder, especially when they know who your key players are and what your offenses will be. But that's the game and good teams simply execute and improvise. And against the Shinners, that's what Team Total did. They executed their offense and in the span of ten minutes scored six goals including a sweet BTB (behind the back) into the top corner. The Wisconsin team made a valiant attempt to cut the six goal lead but Total Team was determined to make it to the semi's and play the #1 team.

Team Total vs Team Monsters was the match-up for the semi-finals. Both teams were evenly matched and probably the #1 and #2 teams. Total had lost in the preliminary round to the Monsters by the score of 3-2. Each team knew what to expect from the other and the winner would move on to play for the championship. Total, using the momentum it was riding on from the previous win, came out fast using transition to open up the field to get great shots on goal. Unfortunately, the Monster goalie was on his game and made two outstanding saves. Total would now have to answer on the defensive end as they had the whole tournament. But momentum goes away almost as fast as it comes. The Monster team would simply wait, possess the ball and wait for an opening to take good, close range shots. The strategy of the older Monster team was too much for the younger Total players who had trouble finding the goal and hitting shots they had made in earlier games. This would not be their year to play for the championship. Instead, they would have to play against another tough team that they had lost to by two goals in their first game of the tournament.

"Time IN!"

Many games in lacrosse are won and lost in the last two minutes.  It looks easy until you have the ball, there are two players hitting you, there's nowhere to run and nowhere to pass. It's the longest two minutes of the game. But some teams figure it out. They trust each other and figure out how to keep the ball ahead of the defense. They figure out how to share the ball and force the defense to simply give up. And that's what this group of young players from Michigan was able to do. For two minutes they shared the ball, made few mistakes, and forced an older, bigger team to acknowledge that on this day, Team Total was the better team. Congratulations to the victors of Total and the third place winners.

"It was a great win for us. I'm very proud of these guys. They were up by two goals when Quinn [Uphoff] made an incredible save running back to the goal which turned the momentum of the game in our favor. Then Nick [Polydoras] would not be denied in the offensive zone. Every shot was a rip into a corner. I can't say enough good things about this team and the way they came out and played. Every guy left it out on the field. It was an awesome three days."

That was the final game of the 2016 season. Now Total will have tryouts in January to select next year's team. With a little luck, that team will be back in Florida in December for more exciting games and an even better outcome.

James Hansen: Bring It!

James Hansen: Bring It!

Mike Platt, Serving up some Defense

Mike Platt, Serving up some Defense


Nate Rumler Goes to Goal

Alex Karam

Alex Karam: About to Make the Move

Mitch Morris

Mitch Morris: Creating Offense. Making Plays.

Wilson Berryhill

Wilson Berryhill: Ready to Go!


Cole Stalter: This is what Defense looks like.

Nick Polydoras

Nick Polydoras: Team MVP

Team Total

Team Total: 3rd Place. 2016 Dick's National Tournament of Champions

Team Total

Team Total: 3rd Place. 2016 Dick's National Tournament of Champions

CONGRATS TO TOMMY MCMASTER on being named MVP at the Notre Dame Lacrosse Camp