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Team Total Wins 3rd at 2016 National Tournament of Champions

Carson Miller at 2016 Nationals

CLICK on photo for tournament story, Carson Miller in Nationals Semi-Finals. Photos courtesy Karen Hansen

2017 Team Total U13 Tryouts

February 28, 2017
Total Sports Novi

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Nick Polydoras Total Midfielder

Chase Sparling winning the Face-off

Chase Sparling winning the face-off

About Team Total Travel Lacrosse

Team Total Travel Lacrosse is based in Wixom, Michigan. Teams will compete in the following age categories based on a player's high school graduation year: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and Girls High School Varsity. The program is organized and headed up by Dwayne Hicks, one of the most experienced coaches in the state of Michigan. Hicks is a former collegiate coach who has been named Coach of the Year six times and National Coach of the Year twice (once as head coach and once as an assistant coach).

The Team Total travel teams consist of many of the best lacrosse players in Southeastern Michigan area who compete at the highest level.  The goal of the program is to teach players how to play the game through fundamental skills and training. Our coaches are all former collegiate players and coaches who understand the importance of consistency, speed and hustle. The philosophy is simple: 

We train to learn.
We learn to play.
We play to be the best we can be.
Nick Harvath/South Lyon

Quinn Uphoff: Total Goalie

Chuck Shaver walking the dog

Charlie Shaver walks the dog

2016 Wolverine War

Team Total Enters "The Big House"

Team Total U19 Enters "the Big House" for the championship game at Wolverine Wars at the University of Michigan

Congratulations to all the teams for an outstanding weekend.

Varsity Division Champions: Team Total U19 

JV Division Champions: Team Total U17

Great Bay Lax Tournament

U17 and U19 Photos

Great Bay All-Stars: Bruneau, Covert, Scapaccti, Harvath, Ouellette, Trent


What is Team Total? 

Team Total is a summer travel team for boys and girls who aspire to play at the collegiate level. Our goal is to not only teach players how to play lacrosse at a higher level but to help guide players in the right direction. 

Where is Team Total playing this summer? 

The schedule will be set in late March/April. There are many showcase events to choose from. Going to the ones that will have the greatest impact and showcase our teams’ talents the best is our goal. Generally, we tend to play on the east coast for the greatest amount of exposure, go to one camp, and one Midwest event. But every year, the schedule changes depending on which tournaments fit into the weekends we have available.  

Last year’s schedule and results are available on our website. 

Why should a player consider Team Total? 

Players and parents come to Total for the coaching and the experience. Head coach, Dwayne Hicks, has coached for over 25 years. A former Notre Dame player, he has been recognized at the collegiate level as Coach of the Year on the national and regional level. ALL of the coaches at Total have played at the collegiate level and know what is required to get there. Some have played lacrosse professionally. Players come to Total to get the additional coaching that will help them reach their potential. Over the past six years, many of the best players in Michigan have participated in the Total program or played with Team Total. Coaching and experience can make a big difference in helping a player reach their potential. 

How much will this program cost? 

The cost will be determined by the cost of the expenditures for the summer divided by the number of players on the team. Until the events are selected, a cost will not be able to be determined.  

What is included in the cost? 

Team Total is an all-inclusive program. Unlike other programs that require players to pick up the cost of travel and hotels, those expenses are included. In addition, the cost of uniforms, coaching, league fees, referees, fields, and many other miscellaneous expenses are included in the one-time fee. 

My son/daughter has already tried out for another team. Should they try out for Team Total? 

There are a lot of travel teams in Michigan. Parents have a lot of options. Players should try-out for as many teams as possible and see which one they feel will give them the best opportunity to learn. Team Total has always tried to get a great mix of the best players from a variety of schools. Those players are then put together and taught the movements and skills of upper level lacrosse. 

Our family is new to travel lacrosse. How do I know which program is best for my son/daughter? 

PLEASE, do your homework and ask other PARENTS who have travel team experience. Lacrosse is a relatively small community so it is just a matter of asking other parents and making a few phone calls to get important information so that you can make a more informed decision. Playing travel lacrosse is not inexpensive so please do your due diligence. Know who is coaching your son/daughter and how much coaching and playing experience they have. Now is the time to get the best coaching you can find for your child. 

This is a lot of money for us. Can you guarantee me that my son/daughter will be recruited? 

Playing travel is a lot of money but no one can guarantee you that your son/daughter will be recruited. Our goal is to give players the tools and the structure to be successful. It is then our hope that their performance on the field, along with their success off the field (grades), will make them a great candidate for coaches looking for talent to play at their colleges and universities. 

Has Team Total been successful at getting players recruited? 

Yes and no. Many of our players have gone on to play at the highest levels of lacrosse (see the Mike Birney story in Lacrosse magazine, Nick Diegel at Ohio State, Nick DiRado at Onondaga, two national championships, on and on… also, see the list of commitments). And while many of our players are recruited and want the weight and responsibility of playing lacrosse at the highest level, others decide to make lacrosse a lesser priority and focus on academics because that is where the scholarship money really is, not athletics. For those players, lacrosse is something they want to enjoy as an extracurricular activity.  

For our coaches, one of the things Team Total tries to do is guide the players and their families to seek the school that will fit the player and their life-long goals. It is NOT our goal to get them into a school where they will play lacrosse. Our goal is to help them find a school where they will be happy, with or without lacrosse. 

I will miss an event because of another commitment? Will that make a difference in my playing time? 

No, many of our players miss events because they are attending other showcase events/camps or have family obligations. That’s understandable and the coaches encourage players to do it. But…this is a very serious team and our expectations are very high. Players should know that they are expected to be at every practice and event unless they have an obligation that they cannot change or miss. Playing golf or going to a concert does not qualify as a reason to miss a tournament or practice. 

What should I expect at Elite/Varsity try-outs? 

Expect to be on the same field with some of the best players in the metro Detroit area. Expect to be asked to go full speed. Expect to prove to the coaches that you belong on a team with a national reputation for being one of the best travel teams in the country. Expect to go 100% in every drill and in every situation. Expect to do your best, nothing less.

Can anyone try-out? What do I need to do prior to the try-out? 

This is an open try-out which means anyone can put themselves to the test. The Elite and Varsity teams will usually have players with at least one year of varsity experience. But there are exceptions to every rule. Players should expect to be tested (see What should I expect?).   

Players should pre-register by contacting Team Total’s Director/Head Coach, Dwayne Hicks, at with their contact information, school and position they intend to play. (See Upcoming Events page for additional information)

Any advice for players? 

Come prepared. Play as much as you can prior to the try-out. Coaches will be looking for players who not only have excellent basic skills but a high lacrosse IQ. We are looking for players who aren’t just running the field, but running the field with purpose. Also, make the most of your time on the field. Get the ball and do something with it. That doesn’t mean drive to the goal or shoot the ball every time you touch it. That’s NOT what the coaches want to see in a player. Instead, coaches are looking for players who know what they are going to do with the ball before it ever touches their stick. Even when the ball isn’t in your stick (which is 95% of the game), good players should be doing something to create a play on the field. Those are the players the coaches are looking for. 

Good luck. 

Dwayne Hicks
Head Coach, Team Total


    Dwayne  Hicks

    Dwayne Hicks

    Team Total Lacrosse

    Phone: (248) 752-1143

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    2017 Team Total Varsity Tryouts

    February 4th at Total Sports Wixom


    Pre-Registration highly recommended. Use this link:



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